Exploring the Munnar trail

Trivandrum — Munnar — Theni — Tenkasi. Without any plans reached Thampanoor Central bus station at 20:00. Had no clue about the destination. Could see lot of buses that are about to leave and checking some them to mark it as the destination. Mattupetty, near Munnar in Idukki District, is considered as a tourist place once for the Mattupetti Indo-Swiss Farm where imported cows can be seen but now its a history as no one is allowed inside the farm. The bus starts at 22:30 and it reaches Mattupetty at 6:30 via Kottayam, Pala and Munnar. Sharp at 6 we were at Munnar and the bus driver stops the bus for a cup of chaya. Totally 6 of us were in the bus that includes both driver and conductor. Since this place is at the border of Kerala and Tamil nadu, we can find lots of Tamil people and could hear some Tamil Devotional songs too. That was pleasant 😀

After 15 mins of break we reached Mattupetty. The bus just went inside the Indo-Swiss Cow Farm. Cows everywhere. Took some snap fo em and by the way there was a cow slaughterhouse opposite to the farm. Again outside peoples not allowed inside the slaughterhouse. Buses are rare in the area so the convenient mode of transportation is by jeep or by taking lift. Top Station, suggested by the locals which is 24km from the farm.

So got a jeep to the Munnar top station and we were totally four inside the jeep. As soon as the ride starts, we could see parades of elephants on the way blocking the state highways routes. That’s so common at Munnar region. And we just get into the serious discussions of the exploring some the unexplored places nearby. He suggested some quite interesting stuffs for the day. On the way, friend of the driver* jeep met with minor accident. And we help them to recover. After some hard 15 mins of those helping stuffs, we planned for a breakfast and the driver suggest a hotel near a small village. Had a nice tiffin and the ride continued.

The driver suggest two awesome trip for the day but choosing among those is really hard. The first one is to take trekking from the top station to kurangini via don’t know the place but he said it will be awesome. The second one is to travel with the driver itself where he will be leaving to his native town Bodi via Munnar, Devikulam, Anayirankal dam, Poopara. The first one is awesome, interesting, adventures thing to get start but it was a solo trip and trekking in such a place need some experience too. I never did any trekking before and the experience is ZERO. So just like that i took the trekking 😀 Andavan irukkan.

Taking left of church will lead to the trekking path. Without any second thought, just moved into the slopes of trekking routes. For a few distance of the routes, we could see some human beings roaming around the corners but when we go deep into the forest then there won’t be nothing ( no network ) They are the local guides as of now 😛 Getting all the information about the routes from the humans passing along the trail and everyone’s duration to reach kurangini is 2 hours. Looks cool right but that’s not how it ends. By harping come of the classic blues songs, the trek continued.

At the beginning, it all seems to be so hell perfect but moving further into the deep woods make feels scary little bit (to be honestly). Proceeding further into the wood for 1 hour, there was no human being on the trail. Continuing the trail enters into the view that shows the really beauty of Ghats . It felt like its really worth for travelling solo into the woods as the view just freezed everything.
From the middle of the trail we see a tribe village, tells us that we were stepping into Tamil Nadu. Still people used living regular life in the village where one could hardly identify a necessary stuff around the village. Spoke with some the people in the village and took snap of them. The villages is under Bodi municipality but no one knows about the places until the elections period.
Locals suggest to take rest as proceeding further will take another 2–3 hours of travel and it will have lots of bends on its way. So after few mins of resting in the houses continued to reach kurangini. Kurangini can be seen from this village too and the hill opposite to the. ullage is kolukkumalai where the forest fire happens that killed 30+ of trekkers. The trail became so hard to walk and it started to rain too. Just walking through it without any halt and the harping continues. After a good 1 hour of trek on the trail can hear a sound of waterfall.
A man with a bedi was sitting next to the waterfall. Spoke with him about the river and some history of the hill. It was ‘Shyamal river’, by locals which it crossed multiple times on the ways. So refreshed a little bit and continue the trek with the a man*. Still 1 hour of trek left and it just went soon as we discussed a lot about the local area. Then came to know about the kolukkumalai which lie opposite to the trail which we were taking.

As of now the trekking path is closed due to the recent forest fire at the kolukkumalai hill. So we couldn’t find any other trekker on the way. Finally we could see the Kurangani village.

There is no network coverage inside the village. Nearly 5k people are living in this village. The major thing people do here is making of ilavum panju. Next stop is to Bodi which is 15km from Kurangani

Frequent buses available from Bodi to Theni. Streets of theni felt same as Thenkasi. Snapped few shots out there and travelled to Thenkasi again. This time not for photo shoot but for Kutralam border parota shop. This shop is famous in thenkasi town for its taste for parota and biriyani. Had a best lunch after a long time.



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