Calicut, the gateway for Portuguese navigator | Solo travel

Calicut also called Kozhikode by locals, has plenty of historical happening in its backpack. It was my first solo trip after joining infosys at trivandrum. I planned for a weekend photo shoot along the kozhikode beach for day 1 and attending the Nikon Advance Photo Walk on day 2.

Took Mangalore Express around 20:00 at Thiruvananthapuram Central and reached Kozhikode at 06:30. First thing comes to mind when i see the name board on kozhikode railway station is go to the beach and snap the early morning beauties. So just searched for the route and it was 2km from the location i was standing. Took the DSLR from the bag and decide to do a photo walk all the way from the railway station to the beach. My first shot is of clicking a young girl carrying a water pot chasing her mother on the streets of kozhikode bazaar.  Click here to see.

Here are some of the photo i took on the way to kozhikode beach.

From morning 06:30 to 10:00, I just freeze all those beautiful scenery of kozhikode beach. That was my first long walk ever and i loved it and it makes to click all the corners of kozhikode.

Morning session went so well as i got some excellent shots which i had in my mind. So i google some of the place to visit nearby me. Happen to visit Mananchira , city center of kozhikode but that didn’t attracted me much as it looked like a normal park spot. Just thought of going some biggie Kappad beach. This beach is where Portuguese explorer Vasco Da Gama landed on 1498. This guy established the route from Europe to india and the rest is history.

So day 1 simply went on clicking the streets of kozhikode, mananchira, Tali Temple, S.M Streets, Focus mall

And the day 2 is with the nikon technician team of learning to shooting the landscape and the photo walk with some fellow photography enthusiasts . That also my first nikon workshop/photo walk after i got my nikon d3300.




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