Useful command and shortcuts for the ubuntu user

many of the developer u‎se ubuntu operating system to develop their application. While in the production they may be changing their directory or the application they have opened like editor, web browser, terminal and so on. It would be a super, fabulous and a great to use the shortcut keys while u moving around the stuff.

So in this post i’m going to share you the best commonly used terminal and system shortcut.

Firstly, all the developer will ‎open a browser to get start they work. I would recommend google chrome browser and most probably the dev will own chrome(i think so). U can pin or lock the Chrome browser in the desktop left panel by just right clicking on it. Say the chrome is pinned at the top 3rd postion. Now the shortcut used to open the chrom is Window key+ 3. thats it, chrome is ready to rock.

Now the browser is open. Now doing the stuffs using key is awesome.
ctrl+t — open new tab
ctrl+w — to close the tab
ctrl+sft+t to open recently closed tab
ctrl+f4 to close the browser.
this are the some daily use thing. to knw all the‎ shortcut, check this link

win key + ctrl + d– to show the desktop
ctrl+tab– toggle between the opened app
ctrl+alt+t — to open terminal
ctl+alt+l — to lock the sys

if you are doing a poject, say using django then add the folder to the sublime text editor.

so that u no need to go around and open each and every file to edit it.

cd .. (cd space two dot)– to go to previous dir in terminal
touch one.html– create a file wit name one.html
subl one.html– open the file using sublime
gedit one.html — open the file using gedit

bookmark all the useful link and put it in a separate folder. u can also show it one the browser front page so that it can be easily accessed.

add some social extension in you browser. like tweet extension. so t‎hat if a site found to be useful u can shre wit ur frndz.


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