why i hate coc

im a big fan of clash of clan. i used to play all over the day and it helps me to kill the time. it was at the time where i was owning htc one m7, a android phone. ‎but when i bought BlackBerry q5 (dec 9th 2014) i stopped it. its not because of not interested in it but it wont support in BlackBerry device. so i tried may trip to hack the game. all fails. so i stopped. the for past 10 month i used my phone as a phone. no huge games, only useful and required apps and so on.

suddenly i get to know abt playing coc in BlackBerry device and it worked fine for me. i too got interest in it. so for a past two month i have been playing the game in my BlackBerry. if right now i just uninstalled it. you know why?

  • it consume my precious battery. before playing coc i used to charge my phone once in a day. but aft installed coc for every single attack it consume around 10%of power. it sucks
  • ‎then heating problem
  • consume more space
  • kills my time
  • when the opponent attack mine and sucks my gold and elixir
  • _ucking war
  • notification
  • ‎decrease the use of other apps. particularly twitter.
  • i require around 7 additional android apps to keep the coc game live
  • overall it _ucked me( ‎u cn use s or f in the place of _ ;))

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