easy way to back up ur fav tweets frm twitter

most of the ppl will use twitter to share whats is on their mind to the whole world as well as they will gain some knowledge frm the other source is the internet. twitter provide retweet(sharing) option and favourite. so according to the individual best tweet will be listed into the categories of favourite. and most of them wishing it to remembered again so that they can check it when ever they are free. so here im going to showing u trick regarding the feature in mentioned.

‎lots of way out there to backuping your fav tweets. like using ifttt. here too im going to use ifttt but in a different way.

so create a recipe in ifttt which “fav tweet in twitter then mail the fav to your email id”. then go to your mail account the add the fav tweet address to separate folder called twitter favourite. so that you can check over your fav tweets anywhere as a list.


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