code browser

Code Browser is a folding text editor for Linux and Windows, designed to hierarchically structure any kind of text file and especially source code. It makes navigation through source code faster and easier.

Code Browser is especially designed to keep a good overview of the code of large projects, but is also useful for a simple css file. Ideal if you are fed up of having to scroll through thousands of lines of code.

See the Introduction to Code Folding page if you want more information on text folding and the way it is implemented in Code Browser.

It supports syntax highlighting for all major languages and custom syntax highlighting can also be added.

Although Code Browser was initially designed to edit programs, it can also be used for different tasks such as plain text outlining or helping to understand existing source code. I’ve added a page with suggestions to take advantage of folding.

Explicit folding. Groups of lines can be folded into a section.
Links. Special lines pointing to another file or section.
Special comment lines. For a literate programming look.
Smalltalk style browser. Displays the hierarchy of sections in lists above the text.
Tree browser. Displays the hierarchy of sections in a tree view.
Fuzzy search of sections. Just type some letters of the path to a section.
Elastic Tabstops. As proposed by Nick Gravgaard.
Multi-view. Open multiple windows on the same file.
Projects. Include list of files and folders, custom settings and scripts.
Search and replace. Applies to file, directories or projects. Support for simple regular expressions.
Fuzzy search of files. Just type some letters of the filename.
Syntax highlighting. For most common languages and ability to define custom syntax highlighting.
User defined tools. Launch external programs and capture output.


Code Browser is released under the GPL v2 License.

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