How to read the articles in offline

So many of them have trouble on the Internet connection or any other problem in their mobile device and just bored without being the online to read some article. In those situation a app which provides you a good article to read in offline mode

In this post I’m going to share a trick which will help to overcome the problem which is mentioned above.

Almost all the people around the world having an account on any one of the social network sites. Surely they must have one in Facebook and Twitter for sure. So by using these social network you can able to read articles in offline.

There is a service called Ifttt (just google it to know more about Ifttt ). It also available for android and iOS. So by setting a simple connection between the two platform u can do so.

I would take Facebook and pocket platform. The concept is that whatever post I like it on Facebook must be saved as an article to the pocket app.. That’s it. When u open the pocket app the post which you have liked is saved and the thing is that the data connection is not required. The same tricks can be also implemented for Twitter fav option..

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