How to hide drive using disk part

Disk Part is a command line hard disk partitioning utitlity inclkuded in versions of windows nt operating system line from windows 2000 onwards, replacing fdisk which was using in ms dos based operating system.

The below steps will lets to hide your system drive using disk part.

1. Open your cmd promt as a administator

2. Then type diskpart and hit enter.

It will show you the diskpart version or something else.

3. Next type list volume and hit enter.

Now you will see the list of volumes in your computer system


Now choose the volume you want to hide. Then type “select volume x” and hit Enter. Replace x with the volume number you want to hide. The volume numbers are written in the column “Volume ###”.
5. Now type “remove letter y” and hit Enter. Replace y with the drive letter. The drive letter can be found in the “Ltr” column.

click on this link to know more


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